Fail Better

E-Werk Freiburg 8.-11. March 2017

Teaterhuset Avant Garden 5. og 6. May 2017

Part of the international Beckett@111 Festival

Fail Better is a performance/concert developed by Alpaca Ensemble in collaboration with composer and performance artist Alwynne Pritchard (UK/Bergen). It is a further development of our project ‘Hospice Lazy‘ which was presented at Dokkhuset in 2016. Pritchard also participates on stage.

Beckett’s work has revolutionized the world of theatre, everywhere and in all aspects. He inspires musicians, artists, dance artists and actors; encourages the mixing of opposing genres; and provokes the ‘besserwissers’. Way ahead of his time, he experimented with media and techniques that only in our own day is starting to become mainstream and common-place. Still, he is both politically and artistically relevant, in his attempt to grasp the complexity of human nature.

‘Fail Better’ is produced by Alpaca Ensemble, Zerberus Theatre Company & Neither Nor Productions (NO/DE/PL) in collaboration with Teaterhuset Avant Garden.

More info: Teaterhuset Avant Garden