Seven poems, and seven verses

Kristin Bolstad has created a new piece for Alpaca Ensemble and soprano Sigrid Vetleseter Bøe, inspired by Dimitri Shostakovich’ iconic work ‘Seven Poems’. The new piece is a poetic observation of our surroundings, nature and people, and how time eventually and inevitably erases all traces and trails. Some things are innoticable, some unimaginable. Everyone is the sole owner of one’s own life, but what keeps on living? In us and in those left behind? Sju vers (“Seven verses”) describes sorrow, missing someone, and memories. It raises the question how well do we really know the people closest to us, and the thoughts and feelings they carry?

Dimitri Shostakovich : Seven Poems
Kristin Bolstad : Sju Vers

29. nov. 2019 Oslo, Bidrobon
30. nov. 2019 Trondheim, Rådhussalen
1. dec. 2019 Huskonsertene i Rissa

KRISTIN BOLSTAD (f. 1981) is a composer, vocalist and improvising artist. Her music is often conseptual, with elements of improvisation, performance and humour. She seeks a visual and clean expression, her scores often including a degree of openness so that the performers themselves become an important element of the piece and the performance.

SIGRID VETLESETER BØE, soprano, comes from Bøfjorden near Surnadal and lives in Berlin. She has sung several of the big lead roles in the opera repertoire, as well as numerous appearances as soloist with the Nordic Symphony Orchestras. Sigrid also is an experienced chamber musician. This is her first collaboration with Alpaca Ensemble.