Hospice Lazy

In much of my recent work, I have been addressing the question of love in relation to manufacture (of objects, of images, of sounds etc). “Objects of Desire” (2010) explores sensuality and the relationship between musicians and their instruments; “Oh no love, you’re not alone” (2013) explores human compassion and vulnerability as a bi-product of the manufacturing process involved in the production of a superstar; and “Erika Married the Eiffel Tower” (2013) is about the human body (blood, bone, muscle, skin etc) and the manmade objects it comes into contact with, fantasizes about, yearns for, uses and absorbs. “Hospice Lazy” will continue this exploration between human beings, love, the human body, manmade objects and musical performance from the starting point of a hospice des paresseux. Could music exist in such a place? And if so, what kind of music would it be? Who would do what to bring it into being? How would the residents interact with one another? What actions would define the term “lazy”? And how would these relate to the sounds produced?

Commission supported by Norsk kulturråd, FFUK and Trondheim Kommune. Big thanks to ensemble recherche, Experimentalstudio des SWR, Bergen Dansesenter, Thorolf Thuestad and BEK.